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House Rules

Our mission at Log Cabins At Jacobs Creek is to provide you, your family and/or friends with clean, comfortable, and safe overnight accommodations at competitive rates. And while we hope to be able to answer every phone call, whether it is for general reservation information or to address any concerns before, during or after your stay in a timely manner, as a small privately owned lodge (similar to a vacation home rental), we do not have around the clock staff and thus kindly and respectfully ask that you abide by the following rules to minimize disruption to the property and other guests during your stay. On most days, calls are answered between 9a and 10p and up to midnight on the weekends.

The following "house rules" are an attempt to ensure a fun, restful and memorable experience for all of our guests. Violators will be asked to immediately leave the premises without refunds.


  1. In case of a medical/life threatening emergency, please call 911.

    • Cozy cabin (1 queen size bed) => 2 people
    • Efficiency Cabin (1 king size bed) => 2 people (can add up to 2 children under the age of 5 with an additional $20/night fee per child)
    • 1-bedroom/1-bath cabin=> 4 people (can add up to 1 child under the age of 5 with an additional $20/nt. fee)
      • Upstairs (based on availability, can be either 2 queen beds or 1 king bed and 1 queen bed) or
      • Downstairs (also based on availability, can be either 1 king bed and 1 queen beds or two queen beds)
    • 2-bedroom/2-bath cabin => 8 people (can add up to 1 child under the age of 5 with an additional $20/nt. fee)
      • 1 king size bed and 3 queen size beds
    Linens, pillows, air mattresses, roll-away cots and/or sleeping bags for additional guests are not provided and are the sole responsibility of the guest.

  3. 3. A damage deposit of $250.00 per cabin is required, via placement of a temporary hold on your credit/debit card. A $25.00 administrative fee will apply if using a different card.

    No charges to your card on file will apply unless additional cleaning has to be done by the cleaning crew, violation of any of our house rules and/or for any damages to the cabin and/or its contents including but not limited to furniture, linens, bedspreads, mattress pads and mattresses. Should cost of damages exceed the $250.00 damage deposit, invoice will be presented and payment is expected within 10 days of invoice date, otherwise legal action may be taken in a court of law in Comal County.

  4. Please respect other guests at all times. The designated "quiet time" is between 12 midnight and 8 a.m. Any party not in compliance with the "quiet time" rule will forfeit the $250 damage deposit and your reservation is subject to early termination without refunds of any pre-paid funds. If you wish to continue group conversations past midnight, we ask that you gather by the courtyard picnic tables (or bring conversation to whisper level), do not hang out on back porches as noise travels to cabin below/above or next to you and avoid slamming doors. Please be mindful of your neighbor cabin guests if arriving late, leaving early (or going fishing/to play golf, etc.) or upon returning from a concert.
    If this comes across as offensive or rude or if you are coming to Canyon Lake TO PARTY YOUR BRAINS OUT, PLEASE FIND ANOTHER PLACE TO STAY!!!

  5. If guests in the cabin above/below or next to you are being disruptive past midnight, please attempt to politely bring it to the attention of those guests and if disruptive behavior continues after such attempt, please contact our office or the local Comal County Sheriff's Office. After hours office number will be posted in the cabin.

  6. Reservations will not be made to minors and cabin occupancy must include at least one adult. No camping or occupation of RVs or campers is allowed on premises.

  7. In the event that your travel plans change and you must cancel your reservation, we will make every effort to book the unit/s to other interested guests and issue you a credit towards a future stay with a $50 rebooking fee per unit. Use of future funds must be by 8/31/16 and on non-holiday weekends. However, in the event that you are unable to travel by 8/31/16, a refund will be issued and $50 cancellation fee per cabin will apply. Additionally, a 4% payment processing fee of the original reservation amount will apply. Based on our pavilion building project, an extension may be granted as we get closer to Labor Day weekend.

  8. Only registered guests are permitted for overnight stay. Any party violating this rule will be asked to leave immediately and all prepaid funds will be forfeited. A usage fee of $20 per person will apply if you have family & friends that will be joining you during the day.

  9. Check-in is at 3:00 p.m. or later and check-out is by 11:00 a.m. Late check-out / early check-in may be granted (based on availability) for an additional minimum fee of $50/hr if staying in a 1-bedroom/1-bath or 2-bedroom/2-bath cabin or $25 if staying in the cozy cabin or in the "efficiency cabin for 2". Please inquire with a Reservations Representative.

  10. Please lock your cabin and return all keys to office drop box at check-out. A $50 charge will apply and will be charged to card on file if failure to do so.

  11. All Cabins are designated as NON-SMOKING. No smoking on back balconies or by front porches. However, smoking is permitted by the picnic areas. If you must smoke, please DO NOT dispose of your cigarette butts on our grounds. Anyone found flicking cigarette butts on our grounds will be asked to pick them up and may be asked to leave the premises and/or forfeit $250 damage deposit. NO Littering!!

  12. Absolutely no pets allowed on the premises, unless approval has been granted by the Houston Office. A $250 penalty will apply and everyone in your group will be asked to leave the property if you have brought your pet without notifying the Houston Office. If exception has been made to bring your 4-legged family member, your pet (dog) must always be on a leash while out on the grounds. Ensure to take a plastic bag with you while taking your dog out for a nature trail walk to pick up after it. Exceptions to bring your pet will only be considered during the winter months of January and February and no earlier than 2 days prior to check-in based on occupancy levels and breed & size of your pet. If permission is granted to bring your 4-legged family member along, a minimum fee of $50 per pet will apply or $25 per day per pet if your stay is for more than 2 nights. A non-refundable $200/pet fee will apply on all monthly reservations if an exception is granted.

  13. A $200 fee will be assessed to your credit/debit card on file if you lose your key(s) and a $50 re-entry fee if a Log Cabins At Jacobs Creek Representative will need to give you access to your cabin(s). We recommend you leave the keys in your vehicle while if out on the lake/river or attending a concert.

  14. If a Property Representative needs to come give anyone access to your cabin a written request must be submitted (can be via text or email) and a $25 fee will apply.

  15. Due to limited marked parking spaces, parking is limited to one space for the Efficiency and the Cozy Cabin and two spaces each for the 1Bedroom/1Bath & 2Bedroom/2Bath cabins. Please park in designated/marked parking spaces for your cabin only. Overflow parking and boat trailers may park in the unpaved area on the far left side of the property (towards the lake) or to the far right in the case of cabin 1. Do not block driveways or right-of-ways with your vehicle, boat/jet skis or trailer and do not park in front of the dumpster, otherwise your vehicle/boat/trailer will be towed at your expense. Parking is limited to registered, overnight guests only.

    Parking tag will be provided at time of check-in, it should be placed inside your windshield (or on rearview mirror). Tags must be returned to "drop off" box (mounted outside the office) at time of check-out. A $20 fee per vehicle per day (and is based on total number of nights of the reservation), will apply to all reservations in excess of allowed free parking spaces for each cabin.

  16. A $35 fee will apply if your credit card on file is "declined" at time of processing your first or second 50% payment. New credit card information must be provided within 24 hours otherwise your reservation is subject to cancellation without refunds. If your card information has changed (because it has been compromised; expiration date, 3-digit code or billing address has changed), it is your responsibility to notify us immediately, otherwise the $35 card decline fee will apply and/or your reservation is subject to cancellation.

  17. A $35 fee will apply if your credit card on file is "declined" at time of processing your damage deposit hold. New credit card information must be provided within 2 hours otherwise your reservation will be subject to cancellation without refunds. If your card information has changed (because it has been compromised; expiration date, 3-digit code or billing address has changed), it is your responsibility to notify us immediately. Otherwise, the $35 card decline fee will apply and/or your reservation will be subject to cancellation.

  18. Please do not rearrange cabin furniture because the bed frames/dressers can tear the floor tile. A $100 fee will apply if furniture is rearranged or moved.

  19. Do not wash cars or perform mechanic work on vehicles, trailers or boats on premises.

  20. Do not overstock the refrigerator with hot/warm beverages as it may not be able to keep up. We recommend you keep all your drinks in an ice chest to minimize opening & closing of refrigerator.

  21. If listening to your favorite music (whether outdoors or indoors); ensure it is not heard by people in other cabins.

  22. No fireworks, firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed on premises.

  23. No bonfires or open fires are allowed. No bonfires are permitted in property provided/guest BBQ pits.

  24. BBQ or open fire pits are not allowed on porches, decks or in cabins. If you bring your own pit, please ensure it is at least 20 feet from the cabin structures, site buildings and all parking areas. Please keep a supply of water nearby to quench unwanted flames and fallen embers. You must clean out the BBQ pit after using it. DO NOT DISPOSE ASHES ON OUR GROUNDS. Charcoal ashes must be completely extinguished before being properly disposed of in the dumpster and are not to be dumped on grass/bushes or grounds.

  25. To help keep our septic systems in good condition, please do not put anything down the toilets except for toilet/tissue paper. Do not put grease or solids down drains (liquid waste only). Thank you.

  26. All trash must be placed in the outside dumpster and all indoor trash cans must be completely emptied at check-out time. Please do not set out trash (trash bags) on porches, stairs and/or grounds as it attracts ants, flies and/or other un-wanted critters & wildlife (deer, skunks, opossums, etc). Always keep dumpster lids closed.

  27. Due to misuse, bathroom and kitchen towels are no longer provided. However, bath towels can be added to your reservation for a fee of $25 for a set of 8. If adding towel service, please do not use towels for makeup removal, cleaning shoes, cleaning floors or BBQ grills. And please do not remove from the cabins. Place in bathtub at the end of your stay.

  28. If the air conditioning or heating system is in use, please keep doors and windows closed. Turn off all lights and light appliances (TVs included) when not in use or when you temporarily leave the premises and/or upon checking out.

  29. Do not set thermostats below 70 degrees as it will freeze up the unit(s) and you will be responsible for repairs and emergency trip charge assessed by the A/C repair company. Additionally, you take the risk of being without A/C as the repair company may not be able to come out on such short notice.

  30. Rowdy, disruptive or irresponsible behavior will not be tolerated in cabins and/or on the grounds. No swinging or climbing on rafters, porch railings and/or jumping on beds/furniture. Violation of property rules will result in immediate eviction of entire party and all prepaid funds and damage/security deposit will be forfeited. Use of foul/vulgar language will NOT be tolerated.

  31. Anyone found throwing trash/items over the balconies/porches will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

  32. Inspect cabin thoroughly before leaving. Any item(s) left behind will be returned to you at your expense. Credit card charge approval will have to be granted before items can be returned, and a $25 administrative fee will be added to applicable postage.

At check-out, please do the following to avoid additional fees:

  1. Wash, dry, and put away all dishes and pots/pans. A $50 minimum fee will apply if Cleaning Staff has to wash and put away dirty dishes/pots/pans.

  2. When renting more than one cabin and borrowing dishes/pots/pans make sure to return all item(s) to original cabin. If Cleaning Staff or Property Manager has to return item(s) to original cabin a $50 fee will apply.

  3. Empty all trash cans and properly place all trash bags in dumpster.

  4. Clean up all excessive spills/splatters (grease) in oven, refrigerator (blood/juices, etc), microwave oven and coffee-maker, otherwise the following cleaning fees will apply: $50 fee to clean stove/$65 fee to clean oven/$75 fee to clean refrigerator/freezer.

  5. Clean out BBQ pit if used during your stay, failure to do so will result in a $30 fee. Do not empty ashes on the ground.

  6. Sweep any excessive debris brought in and mop any stains on the floors.

  7. If adding towel service, please place all towels in bathtub or on the bathroom counter.

  8. Place all remote controls back on TV table. A $25 fee will apply for each missing remote control.

  9. Set thermostats to 78 degrees in the summer and 70 degrees in the winter.

  10. Lock your cabin and return all keys to office drop box. Office is located to the right of the circular driveway as you leave the property.

Reminder to bring the following:

  • Bath soap/shampoo (other personal toiletries)
  • Bathroom tissue
  • Bath towels/kitchen towels/beach towels
  • Trash bags
  • Paper Towels/Disposable plates & cutlery
  • Dish soap/dishwashing towel or pads
  • Extra pillows/blankets
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun block
  • Charcoal/charcoal starter/matches
  • Condiments/aluminum foil/plastic wrap, etc.
  • Special cookware/bake ware
  • Cameras
  • Pop up canvas chairs to take to the lake/park
Rev. August 2016

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